AASECT Social Event

Yesterday, in Denver, we had one of, if not the largest local section event ever held for AASECT.  We had 200 people come to see Dr. Emily Nagoski.  It was an intersection of more than 100 AASECT members, plus local members from the EFT community, plus students and faculty from Denver Family Institute, a long-time CE Provider. (Janelle Washburne, Scott Church and I are all AASECT CST's who all teach at Denver Family Institute).

2019 Election Details - Take Your Seat at the Table!

Call for Nominations The future direction of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) is in your hands! AASECT's Nominating Committee has issued a Call for Nominations for candidates to fill three Board of Directors' seats and two vacancies on the Nominating Committee.

From the President

Hello colleagues: July and August have been months of regrouping at AASECT. After June’s marathon Board meeting and mega-activity Conference, reflecting about where we are, who we are, and where we need to go as an organization has become the focus of board attention. Tasks put on hold to meet demands of governance and conference organizing in June now press for attention, and September annual planning is here. The themes that are preoccupying leadership this year are strategic planning and revision of governance documents and ways of doing things.

52nd AASECT Annual Conference Call for Abstract Proposals

The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists (AASECT) invites abstract proposals for presentation at the Annual Conference in Palm Springs, CA, on June 4 – 7, 2020. Do you have an innovative idea that would make an engaging conference or pre-conference workshop offering? Along with proposals for workshops, panel presentations, original research sessions and poster presentations, we are also soliciting proposals for potential pre-conference workshops of four hours or eight hours in length and for a SAR that is 12 hours in length.

Newly Certified Members!

We are pleased to announce the following AASECT Members have obtained their certifications as sexuality counselors, counselor supervisors, educators, educator supervisors, therapists, or therapist supervisors. Congratulations! New Certified Sexuality Counselors Debra Wickman, MD Habib Sadeghi Melanie Davis, MEd, PhD, CSE, CSES Heather Edwards, MPT  Renee J Flores, MD Tammy J Senn, MSN, WHNP, CNM, RN-C

From the President

"How do we center creation and desire as integral to liberation?  That is a question we’re going to have to keep asking ourselves .  .  . this world begs .  .  .[us to] move out of scarcity, move out of fear, move out of crisis, .  .  [that we be] powerful, fully living beings.”                                                                     Adrienne Marée Brown. Pleasure Activism Dear colleagues,

Update from the Ethics Advisory Committee Chair Daniel N. Watter

It is with a great deal of pleasure and excitement that I agreed to chair this committee several months ago. The EAC is a terrific group of hard-working individuals who are striving to create an ethically sound and ethically sensitive AASECT environment. The committee members include Reece Malone, Heather Raznick, Larry Siegel, and Lisa Schwartz. We have been meeting every month or two to deal with ethics matters including complaints and educational programming.