2016 AASECT Book Award Recipient - The Teaching Transgender Toolkit: A Facilitator’s Guide to Increasing Knowledge, Decreasing Prejudice & Building Skills by Eli Green, PhD, CSE and Luca Maurer, MS, CSE, CSC, CSES

Congratulations to our 2016 AASECT Book Award Recipient - The Teaching Transgender Toolkit: A Facilitator’s Guide to Increasing Knowledge, Decreasing Prejudice & Building Skills by Eli Green, PhD, CSE and Luca Maurer, MS, CSE, CSC, CSES. 

Eli Green, PhD, CSE writes - "The Teaching Transgender Toolkit started as a note jotted down on my memo board in 2008 – at that point, it was hard to imagine that there would be such a need or a desire for such a book.  Luca and I started writing this book in 2012 and as we wrote, we watched a significant shift in many people’s attitudes and values towards transgender people. In many ways, the transgender rights movement has gained significant traction and things are getting better for transgender people all the time. That said, anti-transgender prejudice is still rampantly faced by many transgender people – particularly transgender women, transgender people of color, and people with non-binary gender identities.  Transgender people are 4x more likely to have to survive on less than 10,000 a year, are food and housing insecure, and often face persistent and pervasive discrimination, including physical assault and murder. We wrote The Teaching Transgender Toolkit because we believe that continued education and ally building is a critical element in creating change for the members of our communities who are most in need. We are honored to receive the 2016 AASECT book award, not only as a recognition of our work, but also as a recognition of the importance and value of changing the world for transgender people, and that all of us as sexuality professionals have a critical role in this work." 

Eli R. Green, PhD, CSE, is an Assistant Professor in the Center for Human Sexuality Studies graduate program at Widener University, and is the founder of the Transgender Training Institute.  As an author, researcher and educator, Dr. Green’s work focuses on excellence in sexuality education.  Dr. Green’s award winning book, co-authored with Luca Maurer, The Teaching Transgender Toolkit:  A Facilitator’s Guide to Increasing Knowledge, Reducing Prejudice & Building Skills is the first of it’s kind and establishes standards of excellence for teaching transgender topics.  Through the Transgender Training Institute, he works nationally as an educator and consultant who helps non-profits, direct service, medical providers, and educational professionals expand their transgender-related cultural competency and create inclusive and affirming environments.  This work includes developing curricula, leading train-the-trainer courses, and providing ongoing technical assistance and coaching for current educators and trainers. His research focuses largely on reducing prejudice toward transgender people and communities through education and training. Dr. Green holds a PhD in Human Sexuality Studies from Widener University, in addition to Masters Degrees in Human Sexuality Education (Widener University) and Applied Women’s Studies (Claremont Graduate University). He is an AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator (CSE), and is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).  Learn more about Dr. Green at www.elirgreenphd.com and The Transgender Training Institute at www.transgendertraininginstitute.com.


Luca Maurer, MS, CSE, CSC, CSES writes "I'm honored to have our work recognized with this prestigious award, and equally honored to be doing this important work. As someone that's been in the field for quite some time, I've watched not just society at large, but some of my friends and colleagues, too, struggle to understand and embrace the diversity of gender identities and expressions that are part of the human experience. I look forward to continuing to work with you all to create a world in which everyone is safe, respected and affirmed. Education is a powerful tool. My hope is that our book will help anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of trans people who experience the effects of widespread marginalization, stigma, fear, and ignorance, often at the intersections of pervasive racism, able-ism, and poverty. Again, my deepest thanks and appreciation for this profound honor."

Luca Maurer is the founding director of The Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Education, Outreach, and Services at Ithaca College. Under Maurer’s leadership, Ithaca College was named one of the Top 10 Transgender-Friendly Colleges and Universities nationwide, and one of the 25 Best Campuses in the Nation for LGBTQ Students. An author, consultant and trainer on a variety of themes, including LGBTQ topics, global health, disability, diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality, Maurer has worked in diverse settings: with K-12 students and teachers in the U.S., college students, staff, and faculty, healthcare providers, workplace and social service settings, peer educators in Namibia, Girl Scout troops, religious education classes, correctional facilities, daycare providers, people who have intellectual disabilities and their caregivers, and communities of elders, among others.

The recipient of the 2011 Mary Lee Tatum Award for exemplifying the qualities of an ideal sexuality educator, Maurer is an AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator, Sexuality Educator Supervisor, and Sexuality Counselor, has served as Senior Advisory Editorial Board member of the American Journal of Sexuality Education, and on the Editorial Board of The Prevention Researcher, a multidisciplinary journal focusing on successful adolescent development and at-risk youth. Maurer is also a Certified Family Life Educator through the National Council on Family Relations, and teaches courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Co-editor of Doing Gender Diversity: Readings in Theory and Real-World Experience published by Westview Press in 2009, Maurer’s written work on sexual orientation, gender identity, disability issues, and HIV/AIDS has appeared in a variety of publications.   Not content to rest after working with Eli Green to co-author The Teaching Transgender Toolkit: A Facilitator's Guide to Increasing Knowledge, Decreasing Prejudice & Building Skills, Maurer’s latest co-authored work is The LGBTQIA+ Supportive Campus: Developing Effective Policies, Programs & Practices, which was released last month.



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