2016 Sexuality Educator Award Recipient - Patti Britton, PhD, MPH, CSE, CSES

Congratulations to our 2016 Sexuality Educator Award Recipient - Patti Britton, PhD, MPH, CSE, CSES

I so appreciate being recognized for my 40+ years as a sexuality educator by AASECT at the recent annual conference in Puerto Rico. AASECT remains my home organization, and I am truly honored to be named  2016 AASECT Sexuality Educator of the Year. Thanks, all!

Here are highlights from my long career:

Summary of Accomplishments as a Sexuality Educator

For the past 40+ years Dr. Patti Britton has been a trail blazing pioneer sexuality educator. Her career marks one that has changed lives for millions---in the classroom, on the air, online or through her speeches and live trainings around the world. She opened one of the very first sexual help websites, was the first online sexpert at village.com and first internet sextalk radio show host. Dr. Patti is the pioneer of the profession of sex coaching, offering personalized sexuality education, as described in her popular landmark book The Art of Sex Coaching, which has been translated into Mandarin, Korean, and is forthcoming in Spanish and Polish; in 2010 that very book morphed into the global phenomenon of Sex Coach University, an online training organization that now has students in over 45 countries and Puerto Rico. She has authored four books including a consumer how-to guide, professional training manuals, and an erotic novel; hundreds of articles on sexuality including as a Your Tango expert; appears on numerous podcasts, radio/television/internet platforms as the go-to sex educator for the masses; and she is the host/creator of 40+ consumer-oriented sex education through couples’ sexual enhancement DVDs now streaming in 6 languages. Dr. Patti is adjunct faculty at 4 prestigious graduate schools, and Academic Dean at IASHS, having served on over 30 doctoral committees; in 2007 she lead the curriculum for a California state approved certificate in sexual treatment, and later developed the California state approved certificate in sex coaching. Dr. Patti is also the co-founder of the certifying body of the World Association of Sex Coaches and Sexology University, where she and other luminaries will train professionals as clinical sexologists.  She and her partner Robert Dunlap are working on a new book about SAR for an esteemed academic publisher, after leading 41 SAR programs in 7 countries over the past 9 years, and she is finishing up a memoir. She leads intensives for sexual transformation for professionals and clients. She and her partner Robert continue their popular Internet radio show “The Boom Doctors”, serving the needs of the Boomer Generation. Her mission is to train sex coaches and sexologists worldwide to make a difference as together we bring about sexual healing for all. 


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