2018 AASECT Certification Updates

Dear Members,

As the Chair of the Certification Steering Committee, I want to keep you updated on the latest news regarding certification policies, rules and procedures. Once each year in the fall, the chairs of the Certification Committee (Educator, Counselor, Therapist & Supervisor) meet to review and discuss all issues related to certification. Over the course of the past year, we have been keeping track of “wrinkles” in our processes and suggestions by you, the members, to make the process smoother and keep up with best practices and technology.

As a result of our reviews, we compiled a list of recommendations for improvements to the AASECT Certification Program and send it to the AASECT Board of Directors for their approval. All recommendations were approved by the Board and as a result, the following will go into effect January 1, 2019:

  1. Discontinuation of the certification category of special circumstances for educators, counselors, therapists and supervisors. The category of certification under special circumstances will be eliminated as of January 1, 2019. Beginning on January 1, 2019, there will be a singular set of requirements and application process for all categories of certification. To ensure all applicants meet AASECT standards and best practices, all those applying for AASECT Certification must meet the required combination of sexuality education, sexuality training, and supervision. Please note: Applications for Sexuality Educator Supervisor Certification under Special Circumstances will be accepted until June 30th, 2019.
  2. Policy Change on Supervision for Sexuality Educators: Supervision requirement change for sexuality educators: Of the 25 hours total of Supervision required for Educators: 5 hours of supervision must be individual (1:1) supervision and up to 20 hours can be group supervision (2:8).
  3. Policy Change on Cross Discipline Supervision: Applicants seeking certification in any discipline (Educator, Counselor or Therapist) can contract for up to 5 hours with supervisors of other disciplines (Educator, Counselor, or Therapist). For those applicants seeking dual certification, these hours cannot be ‘double-dipped.’
  4. Policy Change on Electronic Signatures: Electronic signatures will be permitted. The signature must appear as an actual signature and not as typed font. Electronic images such as jpeg, gif or pdf of an actual signature will be considered acceptable.
  5. Policy Change Regarding Lapsed Certification: For Certification lapses of more than 1 year, renewal cases will be brought to the Certification Steering Committee for review and discussion. Additional hours of supervision and/or reapplication may be required.
  6. Deletion of Character Reference for all Certification Applications: The character reference will be replaced with another professional reference in all Certification applications. Both professional references should come from a professional colleague that knows your work experience. No dual relationship letters will be accepted. (ex: one’s own therapist or one’s own client).

Thank you,

Sally Valentine, PhD, FAACS, LCSW, CST, CSTS
AASECT Certification Steering Committee Chair

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