2018 Call for AASECT Award Nominations!

Each year at the AASECT Annual Conference, we honor leaders in the sexuality field. We invite you to nominate someone in one or all of the following award categories. Please send your completed nomination forms to conference@aasect.org by February 16, 2019. For nomination form and complete details, please click here

Professional Standard of Excellence Award

Service to field of sexuality by a professional

This award is presented to a member or non-member of AASECT who has worked extensively to represent or advance the field of human sexuality through activities including, but not limited to, clinical programs or other original clinical contributions; the development and implementation of sexuality education curriculum; scientific research; and art, print, radio, television or internet media contributions. The recipient of this Award will be an individual who is recognized by his/her peers as a competent and accomplished colleague, an expert in his/ her field, and an exemplary bearer of the standards of professional and personal ethics as well as the standard of excellence in achievement.

Distinguished Service to AASECT Award

Service to the organization

This award is presented to an AASECT member in good standing who is certified in at least one area and has worked to promote the mission of AASECT, advocating for sexual health through the development and advancement of sexuality education, counseling or therapy. This individual will have served the organization through activities including, but not limited to, recruitment of new members; presentation of a paper or workshop at AASECT meetings; serving on the Board of Directors, a committee or task force; developing publications for or about the organization; assistance in the development of AASECT policy; and representation of AASECT in the public sector.

Humanitarian Award

Service to field of sexuality by private citizen

This award is presented to an individual or group who has contributed to the field of human sexuality through some private endeavor, charitable event(s), public awareness campaign, sex-positive educational offering, or political platform and who has received national and/or international recognition for the contribution.

Sexuality Educator Award

This award is presented to a current AASECT certified sexuality educator. This award recognizes individuals who have made long standing contributions, outstanding achievements, or otherwise had a major impact in one or more areas of sexuality education. These areas of impact may include, but are not limited to, teaching in the community, teaching in higher education, raising public awareness of sexual issues, or public advocacy / lobbying policy-makers. The nominee should have 2 letters of support from individuals familiar with their work.

AASECT Award for Integrative Approaches to Sex Therapy

This award is for creative applications of an integrative and interactive approach to sexual issues in clinical work with individuals, couples, groups, and/or supervisees of all ages, genders and other diversities. This award may be considered for any practical or theoretical body of work, including (but not limited to) trainings, retreats, online courses, videos or a published paper or book. Nominees should be AASECT Certified sex therapists or sexuality counselors who have demonstrated a clinical consciousness that is multidimensional: inclusive of some combination of physical, emotional, cognitive and/or spiritual dimensions of sexual experience, along with relational and/or social contexts.

AASECT Audiovisual Award

This award is for the producer(s) of a film, video, or DVD that makes a significant contribution to AASECT’s vision of sexual health and to the clinical and educational standards of the field. The nominated audiovisual can be developed for a professional audience or for a general audience, and must have been produced in 2018. To nominate an audiovisual, send contact information for a review copy to be sent to the committee members (5) along with contact information for the producer and distributor. Include a brief description of why the audiovisual is worthy of the award.

AASECT Book Award

This award is presented to the author(s) of a book that makes a significant contribution to AASECTs vision of sexual health and to the clinical and educational standards of the field. The nominated book can be written for a professional audience or for a general audience and must have been published in English in 2018. To remind yourself of books on sexuality that have been published this year, you may want to do a search on Amazon.com or other online resources. You must include the contact information for the author(s) and publisher and a brief description of why the book is worthy of the award. Each committee member must receive a copy of the book to read/review no later than February 16, 2019. (Please see list and mailing addresses of committee members below.)

2019 Awards Committee

For book award nominations, please send one copy of each book nominated to each of the six (6) committee members listed below. All committee members must receive the book no later than February 16, 2019. in order for the book nomination to be considered.

Sara Nasserzadeh, MSc., PhD, DipPst, CSC – Awards Committee Chair
467 Hamilton Avenue Suite #5
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Tanya Bass
4441 Six Forks Road
Suite 106, PMB #288
Raleigh, NC 27609

Michael Vigorito, MFT, CGP, CST
228 10th Street NE #14
Washington, DC 20002

Karen Rayne, CSE, CSES
PO Box 92033
Austin, TX 78737

Jo Kessler, MS, NP, CSE
3640 Alander Court
Carlsbad, CA 92010

Kristen Lilla, MSW, LCSW, CST, CSE
105 S 49th Street, Suite F
Omaha, NE 68132

All award nominations must be submitted by February 16, 2019 to conference@aasect.orgFor nomination form and complete details, please click here

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