AASECT Certified Therapist Spotlight - Elliott Kronenfeld, MSW, CST

AASECT Certified Therapist, Elliott Kronenfeld, MSW, CST, answers a few questions for the Certified Therapist Spotlight:


1. Can you give me a quick rundown of what keeps you busiest these days?

Learning! I run a large group practice and since becoming AASECT Certified, I have seen a huge influx of sex therapy referrals coming in! I spend a great deal of time developing strategic partnerships with other agencies in the greater Boston area such as nutritionists, divorce mediators, universities, hospitals, etc. As my professional network continues to grow, the influence of being a sex therapist grows. I always want to ensure that I am broadening my lens based on the collaterals I am working with! 


2. Why was it important to you to become AASECT Certified?

First and foremost, I find the work exciting. Having worked in the field of gestational surrogacy, IVF and oocyte donation, human sexuality and the impact on one's life course has always been an interest to me. Becoming certified has added a credibility that experience alone didn't bring. 


3. How has your relationship with AASECT affected your career?

I have met some of the most amazing people! Between my supervisors, mentors and growing group of friends I am constantly being challenged to reach higher and expand my horizons. 


4. As a certified member, how would you like to be of service to AASECT? To your community? To promoting sexual health and sexual rights for all?

Any activity that expands the base of knowledge and experience that we share is a gift. I actively seek out opportunities where I can collaborate and grow with other AASECT members, regardless of specialty because I know that I will always find gold!


5. What do you wish you knew when you were starting out that you know now?

If only I had kept better records of all my education and trainings for the certification package! 


6. What do you like the most about the field at this point?

Every day is different. Being able to have a career where you never know what the next phone call brings is exciting. The joy of human sexuality is that it is boundless!


7. Do you have any tips that might be of interest to educators, counselors and/or therapists?

I have three colleagues in my practice who are starting the AASECT Certification process. I remind them that an important fact is that this is a business. While I love to be of service to others, this is a business before it is a therapy practice. If the lights don't come on and the bills aren't paid, I can't help anyone. If you are in private practice, being a great practitioner isn't enough. You have to understand the business side of practice. 


8. Is there anything else you would like to share with colleagues?

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in San Juan.....and if you are ever in Boston, stop by and share!

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