AASECT Certified Therapist Spotlight - Joshua M. Noblitt, MDiv., LMFT, CST

AASECT Certified Therapist, Joshua M. Noblitt, MDiv., LMFT, CST, answers a few questions for the Certified Therapist Spotlight:


1. Can you give me a quick rundown of what keeps you busiest these days?

I’m seeing a lot of anxiety in my practice these days, particularly post-election.  Mismatched desire, erectile dysfunction and sexual compulsive behavior are also presenting issues that keep me busy with clients. I’m also a life-long student, so I’m in my second year of a Doctor of Ministry program, seeking to expand advocacy work around spirituality and sexuality. The workload keeps me pretty busy, but the learning is deeply fulfilling.

2. Why was it important to you to become AASECT Certified?

Almost all of my clients brought up issues related to sexuality at some point in their therapy and I wanted to be as competent as possible for their benefit.  The more I advanced in the certification process, the more excited I became about doing sex therapy and seeing my clients make amazing advancements in the goals they set. and begin to have more fulfilling sex lives.  Additionally, I was very impressed with the quality of clinicians locally who were AASECT Certified and I was excited to become a part of the AASECT community.

3. How do you think being AASECT Certified will benefit your work?

The certification process was rigorous, but provided necessary exposure and learning to be a competent clinician with clients who are often at their most vulnerable. I feel competent, confident and energized by being AASECT certified because of the extensive training process and access to colleagues who have additional expertise for me to draw upon. 

4. What are your main areas of interest within the field? What would you consider your special niche?

Men’s sexual health issues, particularly sexual compulsive behavior and erection problems; LGBTQ clients; spirituality and sexuality, particularly reconciling spiritual/religious beliefs with sexual preference/practice. 

5. What has been the most exciting project you've worked on, and why?

I presented an “ask a sex therapist” program at a local church here in Atlanta. The room was packed and as part of my presentation I gave a brief overview of the sexual response cycle, attachment theory, and goal oriented vs circular model of sex and then took questions. The people in attendance were thrilled to have the opportunity to ask questions of a live clinician with expertise in sex therapy and insisted that I come back for additional programming. I remembered that so much of the basic information we learn through AASECT certification, that we may take for granted, is brand new and often very helpful information for people not in our field. It has been exciting refining my presentation and offering that information to people while building my practice. 

6. What is the most challenging issue you face in your career, and why? What helps you get through it?

Seeing the limitations that my clients put on themselves, particularly around their sexuality is one of the most challenging issues I experience in my career. It is painful to see people suffering so much because of their belief system, shame, body image, misinformation, or fear. That’s why I take this profession so seriously. We have the ability to help people push past these things and move into a more abundant filled life. Indeed our work can be life-saving. 

7. What do you wish you knew when you were starting out in this field that you know now?

I experienced an increased sense of confidence upon receiving my MFT license as well as my AASECT certification, and through the process I continued to trust myself more and more as a clinician. What I know now is that I really do have a skill set and level of expertise that is valuable and extremely helpful to my clients. Had I known that I would arrive at that place in my career, I would have had a lot less anxiety in the process. Additionally, having a practice niche really does help build a client base, so I would have honed in on one a lot more quickly! 

8. Is there anything additional you would like to share with AASECT members?

I am proud to be a part of such a respected organization and group of colleagues and I am looking forward to a long career in partnership and camaraderie with the entire AASECT family!


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