AASECT Social Event

Yesterday, in Denver, we had one of, if not the largest local section event ever held for AASECT.  We had 200 people come to see Dr. Emily Nagoski.  It was an intersection of more than 100 AASECT members, plus local members from the EFT community, plus students and faculty from Denver Family Institute, a long-time CE Provider. (Janelle Washburne, Scott Church and I are all AASECT CST's who all teach at Denver Family Institute).

It was a 7 CE program that was an expanded version on our bi-monthly Meet & Greets.  Instead of a one hour CE event and luncheon we, we held it on the same day as our bi-monthy M&G so it flowed into the schedules of our members.  Based on what folks told me yesterday, I think this is going to lead to another bump-up in membership in Colorado this coming year.

The event was, “Pleasure is the Measure: Expanding Your Client’s Sexual Well-being.”  

From left to right, Jennifer Lucas-Brown, AASECT CST-S, Dr. Neil “Nelly” Cannon, Dr. Emily Nagoski.

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