Certification Committee Update

The Certification Steering Committee (CeSC) provides oversight to all the certification committees - Supervision, Educator, Counselor, and Therapist.


We have excellent leads in all areas: 

Supervision - Richard Siegel, PhD, LMHC, CST, CSTS

Educator - Luca Maurer, MS, CSE, CSC, CFLE

Counselor - Michael Krychman, MD, CSC

Therapist - Brian D. Zamboni, PhD, MA, CST, CSE, CSTS


The work of these committees is all volunteer and is quite time intensive. Each application to a committee must be reviewed by several people. Every conference workshop, class, and meeting attended is verified, every CE counted.  Behind the scenes, hours are spent to make sure that every application receives the fullest attention so that our certification as an AASECT certified specialist retains its reputation for quality and rigor.  If areas are unclear or there are disagreements about certification among the reviewers, which rarely though sometimes happens, then the Chair of CeSC provides direction for that situation or makes the deciding call.


In addition, the committee chairs meet in the fall to address concerns that cut across all the individual committees. A report from that meeting is always submitted to the AASECT Board of Directors at their November meeting.  


The CeSC represents volunteering behind the scenes' at its best and hardest working. Thanks to you all who serve on the committees as reviewers and to those who chair the individual certification areas.


Sallie Foley, LCSW, DST, CSTS, CSES, Chair, CeSC

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