A Clinician's Guide to Sex Therapy

Gerald R. Weeks and his co-authors Nancy Gambescia and Katherine Hertlein have published a second edition of A Clinician's Guide to Sex Therapy, Routledge, 2016. This edition is completely revised and re-written, updated, and significantly expanded to include contemporary new topics. This book is the companion book to the second edition of Systemic Sex Therapy.

A Clinician's Guide to Sex Therapy is 16 chapters. The book describes the Intersystem Approach to Sex Therapy (a systemic paradigm) and then reviews the etiology and assessment of each of the major sexual dysfunctions. A systemic approach to treatment is given for each major disorder for men and women.  We also included information in other chapters we believe every sex therapist should know. These chapters include: how to increase therapeutic compliance, principles of giving homework, physical/medical issues, understanding diversity in sexual expression, and ethical issues in sex therapy. A beginning therapist could fairly quickly read the assessment material and treatment material for a problem and be ready to conduct a session on a particular problem. 

This volume is written for beginning and advanced psychotherapy practitioners in order to guide them through the complexities of sex therapy and help them to be more efficient in their treatment. The authors offer a unique theoretical approach to understanding and treating sexual problems from a systemic perspective, incorporating the multifaceted perspectives of the individual client, the couple, the family, and the other contextual factors.

Both beginning and experienced sex/relationship therapists will broaden their perspectives with the Intersystem approach and gain information rarely seen in sex therapy texts such as: how to thoroughly assess each sexual disorder, the implementation of various treatment principles and techniques, how to incorporate homework, dealing with ethical dilemmas, understanding different expressions of sexual behavior, and addressing the impact of medical problems on sexuality. Aside from bringing the diagnostic criteria up-to-date with the DSM-5, this new edition contains a new chapter on sensate focus, an expanded section on assessment, more information about development across the lifespan, and more focus on diversity issues throughout the text.


“Written by master sex therapy clinicians, this second edition surpasses its predecessor by offering up-to-date research and clinical insight, making a compelling case for its use for systemic sex therapy with couples experiencing sexual problems. This text will serve as an outstanding resource for all clinicians, particularly those heavily entrenched in working with individuals and couples. It is an invaluable text for both beginners and seasoned practitioners. I applaud the authors on producing a masterful work and strongly recommend it.”
– Frank M. Dattilio, Ph.D, ABPP, Harvard Medical School

“There are three reasons why you should read A Clinician’s Guide to Systemic Sex Therapy. It is the only book that places sex therapy squarely within a family systems approach. In other words, it focuses not only on the mechanics and biology but also on the couple relationship. Second, it is among the most comprehensive books on sex therapy with sections on diversity, diagnosis and ethics. Finally, as the title suggests, it is the most practical text available with cutting edge techniques described in detail and updated for DSM-5. Every clinician working with couples needs this book.”
– Mark E. Young, Ph.D, Marriage and Family Research Institute, University of Central Florida

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