Colorado Section Update

Neil Cannon reports that the Colorado Holiday Party in December, held on December 5, 2016, was a great success. This party always features a "naughty cake" -- that is, an actual cake with a sexually suggestive "naughty" decoration or design with the icing on the top. He did not send me a picture of this year's cake, like he did last year, but I bet if you emailed him, he would send you a pic. Or maybe not...evidently, the cakes are so "naughty" that he may not be able to send such photos through email! :)

February 13, 2017:  "Transference and Countertransference in Sex Therapy:  A Clinical Exploration of What's in the Room from Eroticism to Repulsion," presented by Deb Azorsky. The event was very successful: 35 people attended and Neil had to cap enrollment as the meeting room's capacity had been met!

Neil will continue to provide a year-round educational series for 2017:

           Upcoming Events:

           April 3, 2017:  "Integrating EFT and Sex Therapy," presented by Jennifer Lucas Brown

           August 7, 2017: "Tantra-Informed Sex Therapy," presented by Sally Valentine

           October 2, 2017:  Understanding Pedophilia:  A Compassionate Clinical Approach," presented by Mauricio P. Yabar

           December 4, 2017:  Annual Holiday Luncheon 

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