Communications Steering Committee Update

Within the Communications Committee we are up to some pretty exciting projects!

For one, we have created a committee dedicated to the Listserve with the objective of making it a more productive and appealing platform for colleagues from all walks of life. Our goal is to have more and more of our members use this platform to share their news, wisdom and information. We are in the process of on-boarding these colleagues for the next office term (starting in June).

The next project we are working on is to compile a directory of colleagues who would support our efforts to bring the best of the published words to our AASECT family’s attention. These colleague will help with the reviewing of the books that have been published by other fellow AASECT members and also the work that has been prominent outside of AASECT.

Third project is the reformatting the website based on the information it provides, its functionality and user friendliness. 

Last but not least, last year we worked on making a decision at the Board level as to whether to continue with the previous format of Contemporary Sexuality or coming up with a format that seemed to be more of what our members requested. It was not a very easy decision but we hope this first issue of CS in its new online format be a great start to cater to our community more effectively and at a wider range. We will still have an editorial committee but their everyday contributions would be a little different than before, in that you will be the main providers of the information that goes into each issue. You all have received invitation for sharing your news with us to be included in the future issues. We look forward to hearing from you with your valuable feedback on all these areas!


Kind regards,

Sara Nasserzadeh, PhD, MSc, DipPST, CSC

Chair - Communications Steering Committee

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