Easy Marriage - New Member Book!

Bruce Friedin, Ph.D. announces his new book Easy Marriage, now available on amazon.com in paperback and Kindle formats. Dr. Friedin is a Long Island psychologist who has had a specialized private practice in marriage and sexuality for over 30 years. 

Especially written for engaged and newly married couples, Easy Marriage provides a wealth of straightforward and precise suggestions on almost all aspects of marriage. There are 60 concise and diverse chapters on topics including: anger, affection, romance, honesty, empathy, chores, vacations, weekends, grooming, clutter and numerous topics pertaining to easy sex in marriage.

Contrary to the prevalent viewpoint across generations that marriage is always difficult and requires constant work, Dr. Friedin delineates how to create and maintain an easy marriage while preventing most of the struggles that lead to marital misery, heartbreak and divorce.

Easy Marriage has a cheerful, hopeful and confident theme that couples can have a painless and effortless marriage if they have the right guidance. Psychotherapists may find Easy Marriage to be a highly useful resource for couples and singles struggling with relationships and marriage.

Bruce Friedin, Ph.D.

Smithtown, Long Island, NY

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