Greetings from the Professional Education Steering Committee!

PESC Chair

SAR Requirements Reviewed

The Professional Education Steering Committee Chair has been busy! Since the last SAR requirements document came out 15 years ago, an initiative to look at revising the requirements for SAR has begun. Many people are involved in this effort. The PESC Chair has been analyzing data from a 2016 membership survey asking about people’s feelings and thoughts about the length of the SAR as well as content. In addition, Individual and Organizational Providers have been asked to give input about the SAR requirements in terms of content as well as length. Once recommendations are made for any changes, they will take a year to go into effect, and no changes in requirements will be applicable for those who are already contracted with an AASECT Supervisor.

Policies for Live Demonstrations at CE Events

AASECT is a unique organization in that we educate and train in some very sensitive subjects, and our members and providers of CE’s are very creative in how we do so. The Professional Education Steering Committee holds the responsibility of making sure that we create a good balance when our education is experiential, allowing for creative expression that can destigmatize behaviors and reduce erotophobia while attempting to advise Providers of CE’s in reducing risk for activating trauma for attendees who may be trauma/sexual abuse or sexual assault survivors. In addition, we wish to remain a professional organization that serves educators, counselors and therapists in legal and ethical ways. To this end, over 20 people were involved in creating and approving a policy for presenters using live demonstrations, and the policy was approved by the Board of Directors in March. To see the policy, please click here.

CE Committee

The CE Committee has been very busy reviewing new provider applications. We have plenty of new AASECT Organizational and Individual Providers to welcome this year, which is good news for all. With more providers, we have a greater number of AASECT approved programs and events to choose from, with greater variety.

The CE chair, Joli Hamilton, has also contributed greatly to the ease of the review process by creating checklists for reviewers and recommending simplifying changes to the Provider Application as well as the Single Event CE application.

Overall, 12 Single Event applications were processed since the July transition. A video training for the Single Event review process was created to help the reviewers to remain consistent with one another. The same happened for training for the Provider review process.

The CE committee is working with the Professional Education Steering Committee chair to create new, easier to understand and user-friendly checklists and forms for these application processes. So far a new CE application form was submitted, a new Provider Application, and some new policies to guide CE providers when there are live demonstrations at an event were approved by the Board of Directors. The CE Committee has approved 21 CE Providers in the past few months. A lot of work, but very worth it! AASECT members and potential members will now have a greater variety of people to choose from for their professional development, Certification application process, and Continuing Education.

2019 Conference Planning Committee Update

From Juan Camarena and Jane Fleishmann, Conference Co-Chairs:

Conference planning is underway and we wanted to provide you with more information on this year’s extraordinary conference. Last fall, we gathered input from a wide variety of sources. We scoured the evaluations from the last conference, we invited others to offer new ideas, and we asked our committee members to offer suggestions for the theme for this year. We all agreed on it enthusiastically.

Let the Body Rejoice:

The Interplay of Sexuality Education, Sex Counseling and Therapy

As we have said on the AASECT website, for us this means the human body, in all its splendor, is the space where sex education, therapy, and counseling converge. While there are important distinctions within the fields of sexuality, shared principles of body positivity, pleasure, reproductive justice, social justice, and research-informed practice are foundations of AASECT’s mission.

What we hope attendees will take home from this year’s conference is an ability to progress as individuals and as an organization to further our shared resistance to systemic oppressions.

While planning a large conference such as ours is never simple, we have relished the complexity and have forged new relationships based on our shared values of working together. We want to extend our gratitude to our planning committee members: Tanya Bass, Lexx Brown-James, Sabitha Pillai-Friedman, Roz Dischiavo (PESC Chair), Chris Fariello (in-coming President), and Susan Stiritz (President) and to our AASECT staff: Kellie Braband and Jessica Gonzalez. We are truly blessed to work with such dedicated and energetic individuals.

This year’s conference will serve as a renewed call to commingle education and healing. As we create a dynamic space for professional and personal growth, let us challenge each other to use love as a transformational force and focus on the body as the conduit.

Here’s to a wonderful conference,

Juan Camarena, PhD, LMFT, LPCC, CST
Jane Fleishman, PhD, MEd, MS, CSE
AASECT 2019 Conference Co-Chairs

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