International Certification Update

International membership continues as a small but important part of our organization. We wanted to share with the membership the recent decision regarding international certification applications. The message below was recently sent to all of AASECT’s international members. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Sallie Foley, Certification Steering Committee Chair, at

Thank you,

AASECT Board of Directors

'Dear International Members of Our AASECT Community,

We hope this email finds you well. It was good to see many of you in Puerto Rico; we hope that we will see you at the upcoming conference in Las Vegas in June. 

In early 2016, the following question was brought to the AASECT Board of Directors: Would AASECT consider certifying international applicants for sexuality counselor, sexuality educator and sex therapist? 

As you may know, AASECT currently already accepts certification applications from individuals from Canada, Israel, Mexico and Puerto Rico. 

In June 2016, the AASECT Board of Directors charged the Certification Steering Committee with determining whether or not it was feasible for the organization to accept/certify all international applications for AASECT Certification.

The composition of AASECT’s Certification Steering Committee includes representation from sexuality counselors, educators and therapists. This committee, along with AASECT’s President and the AASECT Staff, met earlier this year in September. There was a very in depth and thoughtful discussion around the idea of expanding AASECT Certification internationally. Each separate committee described the current process for how they review certification applications received from the United States (including Puerto Rico), Canada, Israel and Mexico. Each committee also discussed the careful and quite thorough review process that is currently in place for determining the validity of licenses, education, training, various CE credits, supervision and professional endorsements, all which make up a complete certification application. They described how each of these items is currently documented. They also discussed the current three year cycle of the certification renewal process.

It’s important to note that every member of each of these committees is AASECT Certified and volunteers their time and works tirelessly to ensure that the process is as accurate and uniform as possible.

After much discussion, which was both thoughtful and respectful, the decision was that at this time the organization does not have the sufficient infrastructure, volunteer time or expertise in determining the equivalency of professional training and education from other countries; therefore, we cannot expand AASECT Certification internationally, as it is currently beyond our ‘person power.’ We can however offer to consult with professional organizations in other countries who are considering establishing a certification process, and we can also share any materials that we develop in this area. There are several countries with whom we have had ongoing certification relationships and those continue into the future. They are: Canada, Israel, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Sallie Foley, Certification Steering Committee Chair, at

We continue to welcome international members to AASECT and hope that the professional meetings, listservs, and professional connections will continue and grow.

Thank you,

AASECT Board of Directors'

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