Join AASECT in Philadelphia in 2019!

Join us at the AASECT Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA June 13-16, 2019! 

Let the Body Rejoice: The Interplay of Sexuality Education, Sex Counseling and Therapy

The human body, in all its splendor, is the space where sex education, therapy, and counseling converge. While there are important distinctions within the fields of sexuality, shared principles of body positivity, pleasure, reproductive justice, social justice, and research-informed practice, are foundations of AASECT’s mission. To progress as an organization and further our shared resistance to systemic oppressions, the 2019 annual conference will serve as a renewed call to commingle education and healing. As we create a dynamic space for professional and personal growth, let us challenge each other to use love as a transformational force and focus on the body as the conduit.

Registration opens in January - Visit the Conference Website for more details! 

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