Listserv Moderation Committee

As a part of the restructuring of the functions of the Communications Steering Committee, the Board of Directors approved a specific Listserv Moderation Committee. This committee will have the shared responsibility of moderating the listserv so that one person no longer has to single-handedly moderate our very active list.


As a committee, we have several goals based upon the concerns of AASECT members that were voiced in a recent survey. Our most important goal is to make the listserv a more welcoming and professional space where members can participate in enriching conversations regarding clinical practice, sexuality education, and case consultation.


We are committed to working with the membership to create a more friendly and professional listserv. We are currently formalizing the details of our plan, which we will then communicate to the members. If any member has any ideas to improve the listserv, we would be glad to hear them. You can reach us through Eli Green, Chair of the Communications Steering Committee, at


Again, we look to forward to facilitating a cultural change on our listserve that promotes and sustains an environment of educational and professional growth for members of AASECT to be a positive experience for all.


Listserv Moderation Committee

  • Brianna Toomes - Co-chair
  • Amy Pedigo-Carmichael - Co-chair 
  • Lisa Hochberger
  • Arial Moore

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