Mentoring Program Meet and Greet Happy Hour - AASECT Annual Conference

Calling all AASECT members: Do you have knowledge you want to share with others? Do you need to learn more about your chosen sexuality field? Are you interested in learning more about how you can benefit more from your AASECT membership? Join the AASECT mentoring committee to learn more about the program and become a mentor or a mentee. If you are already a part of this wonderful program, please plan to meet face to face at this event, share knowledge, and have fun! 



  • Introduce already established mentors to their mentees
  • Allow mentors and their mentees an opportunity to meet face to face
  • Provide an opportunity for AASECT members to ask questions about the mentoring program
  • Encourage members not already enrolled in the program to sign up to become a mentor or a mentee


Hope to see you there!

Jayleen Galarza, PhD, LCSW, MEd, CST

Rebecca Anthony PhD, LCSW, MSW, MEd

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