Mentors Needed - AASECT Mentoring Program!

Greetings AASECT Members! 

Are you looking for professional guidance or advice within the AASECT community? Are you interested in helping mentor less experienced sexuality professionals? If so, consider joining the new and improved AASECT Mentoring Program! 

The AASECT Mentoring Program is designed to help experienced professionals connect with and provide support, community and professional guidance to their mentees. The intention for the mentee/mentor relationship is to support excellence in sexuality education, counseling and therapy and to build community among AASECT members. Mentees are connected with a mentor who best matches their specific needs and various areas of interest and will ‘check in’ monthly via phone, email, Skype or in person. 

We have many new AASECT members looking for mentors! An AASECT Mentor is an experienced professional member in good standing who agrees to provide advice and support to newer AASECT members. Mentors will ‘check in’ with their mentee at least one time per month via phone, email, Skype or in person. In addition, we ask for a yearlong commitment from all mentors, and strongly encourage mentors to continue their relationship with their mentee for as long as needed.

If you are interested in getting involved with the AASECT Mentoring Program, please visit the AASECT website for more information!

Thank you! 

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