My Husband Won’t Have Sex With Me

Dawn Michael, M.A. PhD ACS CSC, Publishes New Book - My Husband Won’t Have Sex With Me

Has the intimacy disappeared from your marriage? Does your husband now reject your advances, leaving you feeling lonely, frustrated, hurt or confused? Is the shame and humiliation keeping you from telling anyone about your problem? You are not alone!


In my new book “My Husband Won’t Have Sex With Me” it addresses the taboo topic of a husband not wanting to have sex with his wife.  Our social standards dictate that a husband is supposed to desire and want to have sex with his wife and when he does not, it becomes confusing, painful and hurtful for the couple to live with. This is a subject women don’t feel comfortable talking about and chances are that they aren’t likely to share this with anyone, not even their closest friends. 


Many have us have neglected the fact that men and woman approach sex from a different perspective, even when they both desire the same connection and intimacy. In many ways, each expects the other to be able to read his/her mind. When a couple lacks the skills or knowledge to express themselves, both parties can become frustrated, complacent, depressed or even end up seeking solace in extra-marital affairs.


It is only when a husband and wife enjoy a loving and intimate marriage, that they can strengthen the bond of that union and channel the very same love, respect and adoration for one another onto the next generation.

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