PRMA Committee Update

From sex robots to desire discrepancy to public masturbation, AASECT continues to receive national media inquiries on a weekly basis via our press & media hub. While there is still work ahead to establish AASECT as the go-to authority on matters related to sexuality, we are increasingly part of the national conversation. As the Director of PRMA, the feedback I receive from media professionals about AASECT contributors is extremely positive: our members are known for providing timely, scientifically-accurate, context relevant information to the Media. Additionally our position statement on sex addiction continues to provide clarity to those seeking to understand why the non-consensual sexual abuses that proliferate in our culture should not be seen through the lens of sex addiction. In order to further clarify AASECT's position on sexual abuse, a small team of AASECT members are currently working on a preliminary draft of a statement that reinforces our shared values. As always, I encourage all certified members to offer their expertise to the press by joining our media hub and emailing me at

Ian Kerner, PhD, LMFT, CSC
Chair, Public Relations, Media & Advocacy Steering Committee (PRMA)

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