Professional Education Steering Committee Update

AASECT’s 2016 Winter Institute took place at the Brown School, Washington University in St. Louis, January 11 through January 14, 2016. Co-directing the Winter Institute were Barry McCarthy, PHD;  Susan Stiritz, MBA, MSW, PHD, and Jessica Naslund, MSW. The Institute’s theme explored “Sex In and Out of Committed Relationships.” A faculty of diverse theorists and practitioners stayed for the entire four-day conference, giving participants the opportunity to get to know them, discuss their work with them, and see how they interacted with each other and each others’ work.  Faculty included William Doherty, PHD; Barry McCarthy, PHD; Felice Newman, Strozzi Institute Certified Coach; Sue Johnson, EdD; Emily Nagoski, PHD; Esther Perel, MS, LMFT; Margaret Nichols. PHD; and Linwood Lewis, PhD.


While the Institute oversubscribed, the list serve chattered about the “purity” of various presenters’ approaches:  “Is Sue Johnson sex-positive enough?”   “Sex is more than attachment. Sometimes it is simply animal attraction and pleasure.” “What does Margaret Nichols say about attachment and BDSM?” “Should AASECT be inviting presenters whose theories sexologists don’t agree with?” 


“Education is not propaganda,” Institute Co-Director, Susan Stiritz, replied to list-serve critics. “The Institutes aim to juxtapose contrasting evidenced-based theories and frameworks, which participants can explore, consider and evaluate for themselves.” 


In the end, that is exactly what happened.  Participants enjoyed the diversity, evaluated the Institute highly, remarked on the congeniality, collegiality and relevance of the Institute as a whole, and appreciated the opportunity to experience contrasting and new points of view. One participant exclaimed,  “All the presenters were amazing to learn from.  However, I had never heard of Emily Nagoski, PHD (author of Come As You Are) before. She is an emerging star and a force to contend with! I was thrilled to be introduced to her work!” The Winter Institute offered 31 CEs, included a film night and a Blues night.


Along with planning and leading the Institutes, the Professional Education Steering Committee has been busy reviewing all of the events, programs, workshops, presentations and conferences that want to give AASECT CE credits at their event, as well as the approval of AASECT CE providers. We are continuously updating the information necessary for approval which includes keeping up with technology as more and more events are offered via e-learning channels.


Save the date! AASECT 2016 Summer Institute August 11-14, 2016. “Revisiting ‘Sex Addiction’: Transformative Ways to Address Out of Control Sexual Behavior.” Co-Directed by Susan Stiritz, MBA, MSW, PhD, CSE and Doug Braun-Harvey, MFT, CGTP, CST. The Brown School, Washington University in St. Louis, MO. More information on presenters and registration coming soon!


Susan Stiritz, PhD, MSW, MBA, CSE, CSES

Chair - Professional Education Steering Committee (PESC)

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