Professional Education Steering Committee Update

Greetings, AASECT colleagues! My name is Rosalyn Dischiavo, I am the incoming chairperson for the Professional Education Steering Committee, which includes conferences, institutes, and the CE approval committee. Previously, I have served on the Certification Committee, the CE committee, and as the chairperson of the Organizational Providers committee. I am still developing goals together with my sub-committee chairs, but my main goals for this term are all aimed at making AASECT processes and procedures more understandable and simple for new applicants and current members.

Specifically, we will be making a series of videos that explain the process of certification more plainly, and answer commonly asked questions. The goal is for these to be posted on the AASECT website, which is soon to be redesigned to be more easily accessible and user-friendly. We hope a video format will make the requirements clearer and make interpretation less difficult.

The conference committee is already in full swing, and will be meeting soon to discuss our 2019 annual meeting in Philadelphia. Juan Camarena is our conference chair, and we are excited to introduce Jane Fleishman, the regional representative for the Northeast region, as the new Conference co-chair.

The AASECT Summer Institute just completed in St. Louis last week, with brilliant and thought-provoking discussions. The speakers brought fascinating concepts together and created dynamic discussions with the attendees around the topic of social justice in the sexuality field. We’re happy to welcome Mariotta Gary-Smith as the new Institutes Chair. She will be asking for your feedback and ideas for future Institutes.

The CE Committee has a new Chairperson as well, Jolene Hamilton. Joli is excited to be involved with AASECT in a new way, and we have already jumped in with training for the new CE Committee to keep standards uniform so as to make expectations and requirements very clear.

We look forward to serving you, the AASECT Community, in the coming months. If you have suggestions or questions, please contact us through the AASECT office at

Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo, EdD, MA, CSES
Director, Institute for Sexuality Education & Enlightenment
Author “The Deep Yes, the Lost Art of True Receiving"

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