Public Relations, Media & Advocacy Steering Committee Update

A big southern Ohio hello colleagues!  Public Relations, Media & Advocacy Steering Committee (PRMA) committee chair here, and I’m stoked to share that we, our AASECT community members, have been connecting with media from coast to coast!  Since I took on this role in July 2014, our members’ sex/ual/ity expertise has been cited in the Chicago Tribune, several parenting magazines, Consumer’s Digest, NY Magazine,, Sporting News, California Sunday Magazine, CNN, More Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and NPR Boston!  These are on-line, on-air, as well as print sources.  Many of these media requests come from free-lance writers with whom I’m building relationship…long-term and committed is the goal.  We even received a media request from an on-line media website housed in Russia.  Do we have any members that speak Russian??  I’ve worked with over 50 members to get well-informed, medically accurate, and inclusive sex/ual/ity info into the public discourse.  I’m guessing it’s no surprise to many of us about what content is getting published:

  • disputing the existence of the g-spot
  • dealing with well-meaning strangers, family, and friends who (un)knowingly undermine parents' efforts to support their children in gender expression fluidity
  • flibanserin
  • masturbation
  • web / app-controlled sex toys
  • everything you wanted to know, but may be too embarrassed to ask about anal sex
  • food, shame, and nudity
  • Ronda Rousey of UFC fame and her public statements about how she has as much sex as she can before a competition to boost her testosterone
  • sexual surrogacy in California
  • pansexuality
  • the current state of sexuality education (CSE) nationally
  • better orgasms for over 50 year olds
  • a sexual partner’s scent and how this contributes to attraction / non-attraction

Are you wondering how AASECT members get identified for these media hook-ups? When the office sends me a notice of interest, I typically post a request on the list serve. I am very aware that our list serve does not reach our entire membership. This bothers me so I have two thoughts: if you’re not on the list serve, perhaps you would consider signing up in order to know about these media requests; and I am conferring with the BOD to design and implement a “rolodex of experts”. The PR committee will be working on this task for a while. Care to assist, lend a hand, contribute your expertise?? Feel free to email me at to chit chat. 


Richelle Frabotta, MSEd, CSE, CSES

Chair - Public Relations, Media & Advocacy Steering Committee (PRMA)

Photo editorial credit: mama_mia /

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