Rights, Respect, Responsibility (3Rs) Comprehensive Sexuality Education Curriculum

Advocates for Youth recently introduced new tools to complement its Rights, Respect, Responsibility (3Rs) comprehensive sexuality education curriculum.

Assessment Questions: Advocates has created assessment items for each grade that can be sorted by grade level. A comprehensive pdf of all assessment items can also be downloaded on the website. There are assessment questions for both knowledge and skill. 

Frequently Asked Questions: The 3Rs site now contains over 30 of the most commonly asked questions about the curriculum and detailed responses. This is great to share with colleagues and partners considering adoption of 3Rs lesson plans.

Scope and Sequence – Advocates has created a detailed scope and sequence for anyone interested in seeing the National Sexuality Education Standards indicators mapped to each lesson of 3Rs.

Besides being FREE and easily downloadable, the 3Rs curriculum is one of the few available that fully meets that National Sexuality Education Standards as well as the 16 topics outlined by CDC as essential for sexual health education. Further, the curriculum is LGBT inclusive as outlined in the recent Call to Action endorsed by more than 50 health, rights and justice organizations. 

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