Techniques for the Couple Therapist: Essential Interventions From the Experts

Gerald R. Weeks and his co-authors Stephen Fife and Colleen Peterson have published an edited book entitled, Techniques for the Couple Therapist: Essential Interventions From the Experts, Routledge, 2016.

This text is for beginning couple therapists and contains over 50 techniques from the top experts in the field of couple therapy. 

Techniques for the Couple Therapist: Essential Interventions From The Experts was expressly written for beginning couple therapists. It is the only book that is devoted to just techniques of couple therapy. The book has some introductory chapters on how to achieve clinical excellent and the use of common factors (both are research based). We then present 50 techniques from well-known couple therapists that cover a spectrum of theories and how to deal with a variety of problems. The book is user-friendly and each technique is only 3-4 pages long and follows a highly structured outline. The Table of Contents makes it very easy for the student to find the technique they need for a session. 

Techniques for the Couple Therapist features many of the most prominent psychotherapists today, presenting their most effective couple therapy interventions. This book provides clinicians with a user-friendly quick reference with an array of techniques that can be quickly read and immediately used in session. The book includes over 50 chapters by experts in the field on the fundamental principles and techniques for effective couple therapy. Many of the techniques focus on common couple therapy processes such as enactments, communication, and reframing. Others focus on specific presenting problems, such as trauma, sexual issues, infidelity, intimate partner violence, and high conflict. Students, beginning therapists, and seasoned clinicians will find this pragmatic resource invaluable in their work with couples.

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