AASECT 48th Annual Conference - Plenary Session Overview

The 48th Annual AASECT Conference is June 8-12, 2016 in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico. Our 2016 conference theme is Putting the Pieces Together: Inclusivity in Practice, and as part of this, the conference planning team has been focused on cultivating a program that explores the various pieces in the mosaic of human sexuality, with an eye towards expanding our understanding of the utmost importance and significance of practicing inclusivity and impact-awareness in the field of sexuality.

AASECT's New Creating Community Scholarship Fund

As many of us know, gathering together at AASECT's Annual Conference and Summer/Winter Institute is not only a chance to learn and grow in our knowledge of the field of sexuality but also a chance for us to network, socialize and expand our AASECT community. As a new professional or student, these experiences can be invaluable opportunities for growth and advancement, but there are often financial obstacles that may prevent many from attending.