From the President's Desk - December 2016

Dear AASECT Family:   As we approach 2017, AASECT marks its 50th year as an organization. Some of you have been with AASECT since its earliest days and I cannot thank you enough for setting a foundation upon which we all keep contributing. We have a great deal to celebrate (and we certainly will do so at our summer 2017 annual conference) and we also still have significant work to do.  

From the President's Desk - May 2016

Though I am sad this is my last entry as President of AASECT, I’m excited to look at all we have accomplished. The changes may not immediately be obvious to the membership, but the internal working of the Board, with our very active committees and management company, has had a wonderfully productive two years.  EVERY committee has instituted change based on feedback from the membership and committee members.

From the President's Desk - March 2016

Welcome to our inaugural revised edition of Contemporary Sexuality!  We made the change from the previous version once we began tracking the number of readers and realized that only a small portion of our members were reading it. Since there is no reason to publish something that our members are not using, we decided to try a more interactive newsletter with various types of content. We asked for your feedback and have tried to include what you asked for. Please feel free to give us more suggestions and feedback on what you would like to see in CS. We aim to please!!