Annual Conference Co-chair Update: Putting the Pieces Together

Greetings from the Conference Co-Chairs!   The 2016 AASECT Annual Conference Theme is Putting the Pieces Together: Inclusivity in Practice. A mosaic is made of numerous pieces, each one unique, and equally important in the end result. In order to construct one, intricate and unique tiles are brought together to create an overall picture. If a single piece is unaccounted for, the mosaic is unfinished. The full beauty of a landscape cannot be actualized if any piece is lost, neglected or destroyed.  

2016 Summer Institute - Revisiting ‘Sex Addiction’: Transformative Ways to Address Out of Control Sexual Behavior

The 2016 AASECT Summer Institute will take place August 11-14, 2016 in St. Louis, MO. The theme for the institute is Revisiting 'Sex Addiction': Transformative Ways of Addressing Out of Control Sexual Behavior. The program is designed to help educators and clinicians define out of control sexual behavior using current empirical evidence and evaluate treatment models and tools consistent with this evidence.

Social Media Update - 48th Annual Conference

Welcome to #AASECT16! As your social media sub committee co-chairs, we are excited to have you share your conference experience across our social media accounts.  AASECT will be using three platforms that we encourage you to utilize throughout the conference: Facebook (AASECT) Twitter (@theAASECT) and returning this year, our Instagram (@theaasect)! We encourage you to post, tag, hastag (#AASECT16), share your experiences and pictures (with permission from others if needed), and engage with us as we come together in San Juan!  

Film Screening - Making Love after Making War: Supporting Intimate Relationships for Wounded Warriors and their Families

A new addition to the Saturday night line up at the AASECT 48th Annual Conference is a short documentary and in depth discussion with AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator, Counselor, Supervisor Mitch Tepper, PhD, MPH. Mitch added filmmaker to his body of work in the field of sexuality with Making Love after Making War: Supporting Intimate Relationships for Wounded Warriors and their Families. Mitch was kind to share his thoughts about the purpose of the documentary and how sexuality professionals might use the documentary in the interview below.