AASECT 48th Annual Conference - Tour Puerto Rico!

While visiting Puerto Rico for the AASECT 48th Annual Conference, make the most of your trip and take a tour of the island! From the wonders of the Bioluminescent Bay and El Yunque National Rainforest, to shopping and more than 500 years of history, Puerto Rico has it all. Whether you gather a group of friends/colleagues or tour the island solo, you are just one click away from experiencing the best of Puerto Rico!

AASECT 48th Annual Conference - Plenary Session Overview

The 48th Annual AASECT Conference is June 8-12, 2016 in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico. Our 2016 conference theme is Putting the Pieces Together: Inclusivity in Practice, and as part of this, the conference planning team has been focused on cultivating a program that explores the various pieces in the mosaic of human sexuality, with an eye towards expanding our understanding of the utmost importance and significance of practicing inclusivity and impact-awareness in the field of sexuality.

AASECT's New Creating Community Scholarship Fund

As many of us know, gathering together at AASECT's Annual Conference and Summer/Winter Institute is not only a chance to learn and grow in our knowledge of the field of sexuality but also a chance for us to network, socialize and expand our AASECT community. As a new professional or student, these experiences can be invaluable opportunities for growth and advancement, but there are often financial obstacles that may prevent many from attending.